Office Magic: 28 Days of Magic in the Workplace

office magic 28 days of magic in the workplace white lettering on desk image

If, like me, you spend a serious chunk of your weekday life at work, you may have looked for ways to incorporate magic at the office. There are so many options:

  • Setting up your environment to help you feel at ease, improve your focus, and achieve your goals
  • Working glamour magic and appropriate correspondences into your business casual style
  • Using crystals, plants, scents, and other tools at work
  • Keeping your mind and body healthy even if you’re a stress-prone desk jockey
  • Sneaking in divination and active witchcraft when you need them

Overall, how can you easily and effectively incorporate your practices to improve your working day?

I’ve written this series with a stereotypical office setting in mind, but most of the ideas are easy to adapt to different settings like a cubicle, home office, or other workspace. My tips flow from personal experience as a mid-30s low-key occultist in middle management at a government agency. Even if you can’t relate to any piece of that, with a little creativity you can use these techniques — no matter who you are and what faith or practices you want to incorporate into your workday.

Each post will be included in the outline below as it’s posted. I’d love it if you shared anything you try out, or your own tips! Use #officemagic or #spiritgrind on social media, comment on the posts, or feel free to get in touch.

Office Magic Week One: Interior Decor & Environment

  • Magical D├ęcor: Decorating with your ideal atmosphere and goal setting in mind