Spirit Grind exists to bring you ideas, tips, and encouragement for harnessing witchcraft or magic to improve your daily life, in the limited time you have available.


You are a witch — or an occultist, a healer, or anyone else who sees a little extra magic in the world around you, connects to it, and puts it to use.

But you’re busy. You have responsibilities and work and hobbies and… when exactly are you supposed to find time for complicated rituals, studying esoteric techniques, or even picking out a dang crystal?

It’s my goal to help you — and myself — figure out practical ways to incorporate magic in our busy lives.


It’s important to note what witchcraft or magic means here, so we know what we’re working with and trying to achieve. I do like this popular, old-school definition from Donald Michael Kraig, adapting a definition from Aleister Crowley: “The science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science.”

But by far my favorite description is this simple gem from the amazing Laura Tempest Zakroff:

Witchcraft is about doing what needs to be done with what you have available.

– from her book Weave the Liminal

I like to work with the subconscious and archetypes, to emphasize physical movement and herbalism, and to work with the senses — and to embrace forces beyond conventional understanding. What’s available, and what works.


My goal is to share simple steps — not too time consuming, too complex, or too expensive — we can all take to hone and practice our crafts.

Keep in mind that taking simple steps day to day doesn’t negate the need for deeper, long-term work. It’s important to know what you’re practicing and why, and that can require a lot of study and introspection. But that deeper work can be spread out over as much time as it takes.

I’m sure the goal will grow and evolve as we go. It always does.


Rather than try to generalize everything I write and make it accessible to some imaginary general public with an interest in efficient witchcraft (LOL), I strive to take myself as a case study. I’m solving my own problems, and know other people have those same problems so it’s important to share the solutions I find. In addition to sharing helpful ideas as I sort through them, I plan to work with decks, books, and other tools on a long term basis and report back as to whether they really helped and are worth the time and energy. Like reviews… but better.

Rory in glasses and beanie, pulling Death tarot card out of her jacket
This is actually the original photo from the @spiritgrind IG account, originally posted as some sort of inside joke in December 2015.

So, here’s me — I’m a 37 year old writer, auditor, mom, loving partner, dancer, and beer lover, and I’ve practiced magic on a fairly low-key basis for twenty-some years. I live in Oklahoma, but I grew up on the coast of Southern California.

I’m still a goth kid from the nineties at heart, and I have no shame about it. I love making things with my hands. I love labradorite, tulsi tea, music that’s 95% bass, the Zombie Tarot, and Goddess of Egypt incense matches. And I love my online community of spiritual seekers, artists, and amazing friends.

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